10 minutes to get the periodic table and valency, without forgetting
Whether you are a student or are parents of middle school students, you can try. Well, as long as 10 minutes.
As recited in 2 minutes before watching a nondescript little story:
Against in the past, there was a wealthy family, made from carp holding carbon, cooked eggs to support blessing of Mammy, which had a very beautiful daughter, and Guilin, but she has two front teeth green (wow, that's scary), but later married a man named Kang Tai counter-revolutionary. Getting started with just married that day, was her sister-in-law is known as "iron" ruthlessly pinched a bride gets mad, then went into shock.
This amazing, family appeal. Tiegu's father and her brother into having listened the night House, steal to seal West, running to a fairy place.
Here a beautiful landscape: color shell Blue River, a Crow with a long plume of white towels take a goose, because they do not like winter, it will go to the South, along the way also reminded each other: Southern rain, should pay attention to mine.
Did you read? Now we have condensed the story, with 6 minutes, put it back down.
Against carp skin holding carbon egg raised Fu milk that beauty Guilin left green teeth married Kang Tai counter-revolutionary tiegu pinch pain new married who angry shock so a told you very dad silver brother printing Siddhi locations fairy (color) color Bell (shell) blue (color) river but (see) black (Jay) (introduction) to Goose a white towel for it led will not love winter (days) anti-mine Ah!
Well, now with 8 minutes, you have to memorize the periodic table of elements, or not? That you can't use the rest for 2 minutes, in comparison with:
First cycle: hydrogen helium----against second cycle: lithium beryllium boron carbon nitrogen oxygen fluoride ne----carp skin holding carbon egg raised Fu milk third cycle: sodium magnesium Aluminum silicon p sulfur chlorine argon----that beauty Guilin left green teeth IV cycle: potassium calcium SC titanium vanadium chrome manganese----married Kang Tai counter-revolutionary iron cobalt nickel copper zinc gallium germanium----tiegu pinch pain new married who arsenic se bromide krypton----angry shock v cycle: RB SR yttrium zirconium NB----so a told you Mo technetium ruthenium----very rhodium Palladium silver CD indium tin antimony----dad silver brother printing Siddhi tellurium iodine Xenon----locations fairy sixth cycle: cesium barium la hafnium----(color) color Bell (shell) blue (color) River tantalum tungsten rhenium osmium----but (see) black (Jay) (introduction) to Goose Iridium Platinum Gold Mercury mound lead----a white towel for it led bismuth polonium astatine radon----will not love winter (days) seventh cycle: francium Radium Actinium----anti-mine Ah!
(Alas, no way, so hard to remember things, and must be back, can't be helped. In fact, any knowledge of a subject can be reduced to a variety of special ways to remember, practice makes perfect, can greatly improve the efficiency of learning, if everyone can learn speed reading and memory would be nice! ) These are sideways according to cycle back. Back is vertically below:
Hydrogen lithium sodium potassium rubidium cesium francium   Li Na, please join the personal visits (Li Na when the Emperor) beryllium, magnesium calcium, strontium and barium-Radium   as good as Gates was tired (Oh! Wants to and Bill. Gates comparable, carefully tired with) boron aluminum gallium Indium thallium   touch female married sound he (seems groom bride are renamed has) Carbon Silicon Germanium tin lead   exploration return who West moved nitrogen p arsenic antimony bismuth   egg Pro body closed oxygen sulfur se tellurium polonium   raised cattle West hoof bashing fluoride chlorine bromide iodine astatine   father embroidered points love (father love deep AH) helium ne argon krypton Xenon radon   victims resistance Steve Wozniak first moving combined price can such memory:
A donkeys foot Silver (Silver sodium hydrogen chlorine and potassium) cover two sheep United States vests. (II price oxygen calcium magnesium barium zinc) a price hydrogen chlorine potassium sodium silver two price oxygen calcium barium magnesium zinc three aluminum four Silicon five price p two or three iron, and 24 carbon a to five price are has nitrogen copper Mercury II price most common are a copper hydrogen potassium sodium silver are II copper magnesium calcium barium zinc three aluminum four Silicon 46 sulfur 245 nitrogen 35 p 157 chlorine two or three iron 2467 manganese for are carbon has are four and are II again put negative price remember heart negative a bromide iodine and fluoride chlorine negative II oxygen sulfur three nitrogen p sulfuric acid: 98, Hydrochloride: 36.5, oxygen: 32, calcium carbonate: 100, water: 18, calcium hydroxide: 57, sodium hydroxide: 40, sodium carbonate: 106, sodium bicarbonate: 84, carbonate: 62, sodium chloride:58.5  Cuso4 160 ---these is most basic of, also has air of average relative molecular quality is 29 sodium 23, and magnesium 24, and aluminum 27, and iron 56, and zinc 65, and calcium 40, and copper 64, and potassium 39, and sulfur 32, and carbon 12, and hydrogen 2, and 28 with nitrogen, oxygen 18 32, water carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, 28, 44, 36.5 of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid sodium hydroxide calcium carbonate 100, 98, 40.

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