Tests the geometry transform entry point
The senior high school entrance examination in recent years, some types of flexible, innovative design and creative finale question emerged, one to pan, rotate, turn graphics into problem-solving ideas, such as the topic has become test finale of the protagonist of the drama. But the legendary hero, and not so mysterious as you think, we just need to figure out the point of the axis title.
Starting point: theorem required graphics or graphics in a problem-solving process, sometimes add a secondary line is essential. For senior high school entrance examination in Beijing, only a very simple proof can be without adding a secondary line, add the remaining all relate to auxiliary line problems. Test requirements for student Tim line is still quite high, but Tim guides are almost always follow the principle: construction theorem for the graphic or construct some common basic shapes.
Point two: work out, find similar, are similar, with similar pressure there are more questions involving knowledge, knowledge transfer difficult. Students often don't know how to start with, often according to the intended to look for similar triangles.
Point three: stick to the invariants, and good use of premises used or conclusions in the graphics sport changes, shape position, size, directions may change, but in the process, often with a two line segments, or two angles or the triangle corresponding to the location or number does not change.
Point four: in topics in the looking for more solutions of information graphics in movement changes, may meet conditions of case more than a, is usually by said of two solutions or more solutions, how avoid leak solutions is a makes candidates headache of problem, actually more solutions of information in topics in the on can found, this on need we depth of mining problem dry, actually is repeatedly seriously of examines the.
In short, the point a lot of the problem during the test may not be to find so much, often just need to find one or two on the line, the key is to find later must dare to do. Some students tend to think of feel not abandoned, most of the subject as long as the above point, carefully done, problems can be resolved.

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