Children rely too heavily on tutors do
Now parents for their children is a common phenomenon as a tutor, tutor's popularity illustrates the importance of parents regarding the child's education.
Tutors, can play a supporting role to a certain extent. Many parents all day busy work, flawless account children of learning, tutor for parents reduce has this aspects of distressed; addition, currently elementary and middle school students of learning burden compared heavy, requirements master of new knowledge more, job volume big, inevitably will some Digest can't, and some thinking more slow, and accept capacity weaker of students in class Shang with not Shang teacher of teaching progress, learn up compared hard, if class Hou tutor teacher for its for counselling, timely put by lacks of knowledge fill up, on can improve students of learning efficiency. However, if excessive reliance on parents and students tutors, it will backfire. Upper primary and junior high school period is an important period of developing students ' independent learning, if excessive reliance on tutoring during this period, it is easy to make children learn the decline in enthusiasm and initiative, once you leave home, he cannot adapt.
Parents private tutoring for their children to go to children, to understand their children's learning, according to the needs of the children targeted tutoring for their children, do not blindly follow, before the private tutoring for their children to pay attention to some:
1, including classroom lecture supplement, not putting the cart before, is the main position of students in class.
2, parents do not want to see their child grades is eager to arrange tutoring for children, to communicate with children, let them come up with solutions, much much better than relying on tutors.
3, tutor's main function is to teach problem-solving ideas and solve problems should not take up too much time.
4, parents not to try, or forced to tutor children proposed performance requirements.
In addition to tutoring, parent no matter how busy work, spend time with children to learn as much as possible, to lead by example, to set a model for love; help children analyze reasons for learning, explore learning, enthusiasm and initiative of children learning. Children learn all the blame should not be to tutor, tutor ever can replace parents caring for their children.

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