Political history in junior middle school of learning methods
Political science:
If you want to do well in politics is not difficult, I think the most important are memory and understanding. Politics have a lot to grasp the concept, most of them are very abstract, so takes time and memory. Some students will inevitably ask: "I'm back, how is it bad? "I suspect that it is not yet understood. Back and understand dialectical unity of, the back is the basis of understanding, only back out, the content can be understood on the basis of this; back to understanding as the Foundation, understanding back easier, more accurate, and memories are long. Back also to learn the difference, use. Many of the questions were very flexible, you need to analyze, is like peeling the skin of corn and, the remaining part, then search for answers from your memory; Anatomy topic, see real, it was easy to distinguish the content you want.
History is an art, we all know that art is back, bear in mind that history is a course back to remember. Teacher to memorize the contents of the class as long as usual, going to ACE the exam is not a problem.

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