Junior high school students ' learning methods
Biological methods:
1. Closer look at textbooks, understand and remember concepts.
1) according to the learning objectives for each unit, contact the learning concepts.
2) not only memory core, step by step, in-depth learning.
3) to correctly grasp the textbook images, forms, photos by said means.
2. Content learning with real life understanding.
3. Compare to each other everyday and scientific terms, understand finishing after memory.
4. Figure or table content after the presentation, collated and understood.
5. Experiment after finishing with links to understand the concept.
(Grasp the objective, compare results with your ideas, identify gaps, and analyze the causes of the gap) 6. With the explanation of study material and finishing parts of the problem set as the center of memory.
7. According to the contents of memory in different ways.
1) finish with linked to the content of memory.
Regardless of the order in to grab a theme down.
Put the central theme in the middle.
In accordance with the lines or the relationship between the knowledge connections complete maps.
2) use own words have particular significance or special meaning for memory.
3) use eyes, ears, hands and mouths at the memory.
8. Do not understand the problem must be resolved.
(First to his own question, himself does not know which part and then ask someone else. ) 9. Through problem-solving to confirm the contents.
1) finishing wrong problem, focused review before the next test.
2) check the textbooks and learning materials do not quite understand the questions clear.
3) in basic medium difficulty questions challenge order problem, understand the content.

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