Junior high school geography learning methods
Geography as a discipline, law has a lot in common with other disciplines. Such as: scientific attitudes; hands-on brains, ground, ground moving mouth; the ears, eyes, mouth, hands, hearts, etc; also has its own law.
, Geography of the soul--map.
1, must be ready for class basic tools of geography and Atlas of common tools----------.
2, lectures in the learning of geography in the circle on the map. Such as: Eastern Mediterranean coast is rainy in winter, then the Eastern Mediterranean in what place? Must be found and implemented on the map down 3, hand-drawn diagram of      such as ESCWA oil export route, on a piece of toilet paper that students can draw a simple, relative position of the right diagram. How accurate such plans do not require rendering, as long as they can point on the line.
4, learning classification map including sunshine maps, charts maps, geological maps, terrain profile, geographical landscape map, schematic diagram of geography, geographic cartoon maps, geographic data, geography, geographical contour maps, etc.
5, and learned variable figure ① Tutu conversion (profile figure conversion for plane figure) II graphic conversion 6, and learned with figure ① with figure antibody summary geographic law or features II with figure memory review China geographic: can see 10 a aspects map, that: China political district figure, and China topographic maps, and China climate figure (temperatures, and precipitation), and China water figure, and China resources figure (forest, and mineral, and water, and tourism resources,), and China crop distribution figure, and China industrial distribution figure, and China population, and national, and city, and commercial center figure, and China traffic figure, and Nature reserves in China. One look at the pictures and remember, even paint, you master the basic knowledge of the geography of China.
Learn world geography: 1, to work on the ten lines (five Meridian, five line of latitude). 2, find the ten lines passes through areas of natural scenery and cultural heritage. 3, in latitude and longitude within the span of not more than 10 degrees draw a contour map, say one of the location, physical geography and human geography features, and ask why? You will find that you begin to "brain" in the "map", "heart" in the "reason", geography is no longer a tedious text) 7, the review should be based on the map as the carrier of knowledge, often looking at the map and read maps.
Pillar-of-learning Geography textbook understanding 1, according to the outline, master the law of geographical principle, ① thick books to read: make notes in the book, with its own understanding or identify their doubts II book-the book: sums formed the backbone of knowledge, build your own "mind mapping". Mind map is a diagram to express people's minds concepts, ideas and theories are implicit knowledge explicit, visualizing, thinking, communication and expression. It is made up of nodes, connections knowledge network, where a node represents a concept, wired connections between concepts, nodes and network of wired knowledge represents a subject and level.
2, the use of textbooks, learn to judge the other, looking for the same general characteristics and laws of geographical things. Outside the limitations of materials in the review, appropriate to broaden their knowledge, thinking about a problem, some bedding, analogy, and flexible.
3, using the textbook sums up and master the law of learning geography. For example:
Geographical (continent or country): location, area, population, terrain, climate, rivers, lakes, natural resources, agriculture, transport, urban.
4 geography ① homophonic, clever memory memory method.
Example: the most abundant natural element in the Earth's crust: oxygen, Silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium (the girl, and stick to what the United States? ) ② mnemonics mnemonics.
Example: name of provincial-level administrative regions in China: Hubei and Hunan, Guangxi, two rivers, five River in Yunnan and Fujian; chuanxierning blue Gan Shan, North across the Taiwan Strait, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative regions, and one country, two systems has been achieved.
Third, good at different things together.
Establish a link between the different geographical, you must first ask "why?" "This will develop fruit pushed by good geographical thinking habits. For example: rain in the world is India, cherrapunji, then why cherrapunji became the world's rain? Combine maps, according to cherrapunji geographical position will be analyzed, cherrapunji is located in the Windward slopes of the Himalayan mountains, there is plenty of rain here, so that the climate and topography, location, linked to each other.
Four, the geographic principle, understanding of the concept of taking the points and hold the key.
Mastery of the geographic principle, Essentials, does not require as precise as a physical and mathematical fraction, theorem, seize the key points, and it would be very easy to understand and hold them up. For example: "in nature, humans use sunlight, air, water and other natural resources" understood the concept of this natural resource. We should seize the two important points: first, in nature, not industrial products. For example, gasoline, although the value to humanity, but is not directly derived from the nature of mankind, it is an industrial product. Secondly, there is value to humanity. Not without value, such as desert exist in nature, but at present, no further use to the human values, not natural resources. So that you can have.
Geography has a correct method is very important, but have a correct attitude toward learning on the learning of geography is also very important.
Hope students good learning attitude, correct learning method, to learn geography

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