Junior high school Chinese learning methods: "seven steps"
(1) read read is the first step in reviewing the text. By reading, grasping the full text to the effect that, understanding the sensibility, feature articles and other knowledge. Read the texts of different types require different methods: teaching reading the text needs intensive, character, Word, sentence, passage each knowledge full range mastering, wonderful words reach into chanting; read the required reading, some still need to jump, taken speed-reading, in order to increase reading speed. Reading speed is one of the tests the test project in recent years.
(2) standard that is to read the text at the same time, the focus in this paper, topic sentences, sentence and vocabulary, and new, out with a different symbol, both to impress, and easy to review, at a glance. Meet normative sentences, may wish to divide the parts of the sentence, sentences still need to indicate the relationship between typical passage to division level, induction. Problem solving, also marked for later seek for advice from teachers and students.
(3) check check it? Look up reference books. Dictionaries, dictionaries, reference materials, as long as the need, role of books as possible. Find answers in person, is the process of exploring the law of learning methods, searching for learning, but also improve the ability of using reference books. Familiar words, might as well check out the lessons you've learned in the past, to link old and new knowledge, "reanimating the new". Find out the answer after analysis to identify, understand and can be improved.
(4) ask about "three's company, must be my master." Review process will inevitably have problems and independent research, it cannot be solved, should be good to consult teachers, students. Sometimes to ask the teacher a question, the teacher is likely to speak more than one question, and linking knowledge and make your mastery.
(5) write about the old saying, look ten times better to hand over. Normal study or examination, some students often misspelled common words, for what? Written by is the lack of training. New words, new words, focus on the basis of statements, may wish to understand memory, repeatedly to write about. And if the composition, often seemingly easy to write is difficult also to write to write, not above his business.
(6) practice a practice is by doing exercises, testing their level of knowledge. Become a problem to the purpose, intent to clarify questions, note sums, look for patterns, by analogy, enhance test-taking ability. Do exercises, carried out under the guidance of the teacher, to consciously do. We are opposed to "tihaizhanshu", but not to do a certain amount of exercise, is also far from quality. Practicing ignorance, timely feedback of correction in order to master the knowledge and skills.
(7) to consider review of content can "think" to consolidate. From point to plane or from the whole to the part, or vertically or horizontally, organically linked to knowledge, knowledge systems, printing in mind. When a knowledge Association when, after finding consolidation in a timely manner. No restrictions on the time and space, regardless of class, the class, still in school, out of school, can use. When you "end" the time, the Association may enter "way out" of the border.

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