Junior high school physics learning techniques
First, carefully prepare before class prepare is before class, independent reading materials, to acquiring new knowledge is an important part of their own.
Previewing is not teaching a new class, first class new content to read it again, by reading, analysis, thought, understanding textbook knowledge, focus, difficulties, scope and requirements. Physical concepts and laws to seize its core, as well as the relationship with other physical concepts and laws, and problems they don't understand recorded material. To have knowledge, if you forget, on prep time before class so that the class would not be difficult. Then look at the new course content, identify examples of links between knowledge, knowledge, and draw knowledge structure diagram. While reading about typical example and attempt to answer, check answers to exercises after reading the book, and summed up the general idea of solving problems and steps. Capable students can read books about the content appropriately.
Second, the initiative to improve the efficiency of lectures with a preview issue in class, you can improve the efficiency of lectures to make classes more focused. In class, when the teacher when his Prep does not understand, is very active, pay special attention to listening, to understand in class. Also can compare the teacher explained to check their understanding of the material depth and breadth of analysis procedures and methods to problems of teachers or for further questioning and analysis, offering their own opinions. After the lecture, not only to acquire knowledge of the key, breaking through difficulties, catch the key, and can better grasp teacher analyses issues, ideas and methods to solve problems, to further improve their ability to learn.
Three, regularly finishing in the learning process, the study notes, through the review of the knowledge, control preparing notes, lecture notes, operation, compliance testing, materials such as textbooks and reference books to supplement and concluded, the knowledge system, complete and highly summarized level. Study notes concise, easy to read, clear, consistent with its own characteristics. Be classified according to the knowledge of the system on a regular basis, sorting out the summary of the study notes, with a view to systematizing the knowledge base. Thinking of these results in time saved later when reviewing, you can quickly return to their once reach the heights. In learning if the credulity of his memory, without notes, tend to but can't think of at the time, it is a pity!
Four, on time homework assignment is to learn physics knowledge is an essential part of, is to master the basic knowledge skills method. In the usual preview, book preview effect of exercises on their own, when homework question solution and analysis of optimal solution for practice. Self selection of extracurricular exercises in the chapter review quizzes and feedback information. Therefore, do your homework carefully, you can deepen the understanding of the knowledge, found weaknesses in his knowledge and to consciously and gradually develop their ability to analyze and solve problems, build confidence in solving practical problems.
To do job, first to carefully examines the, figure out problem in the described of physical process, clear problem in the by to of conditions and requirements solution of problem; according to problem in the statement of physical phenomenon and process control by learn physical knowledge select problem-solving by to with to of physical concept and law; after calm of thinking or analysis reasoning, established mathematics relationship type; with mathematics tool for calculation, solution Shi to will the physical volume of units unified to international units in the; last also must on answers for validation discussion, to check by with of law whether right, Physical units appear in the operation is consistent, whether the answer is correct, realistic and clear physical meaning and operation process is rigorous, is there any other solution, validated answers, recalling the problem-solving process, firm grasp of knowledge, familiar with the ideas and methods of solving problems, improve problem-solving abilities.
Five, review summary of knowledge, doing the exercise, if not reviewed, does not summarize is likely to divide between the knowledge formed in isolation, dull tendency to study physics. The inevitable result is a large physical content, theorems, formulas a lot, but the analysis process is not clear, understanding of the relationships between physical quantities in the equation is not deep, not overall, coherent, flexible use of physical concepts and laws of physics to solve specific problems. Therefore, after class to timely review and summarized. After class review after each class in addition to organize notes, complete assignments, or to review sections of the unit. Often compared, differential, to ascertain the nature of things, internal relations as well as the development of, and summed to form a knowledge system. By comparison, concluded, will help knowledge before and after the piercing, vertical and horizontal contact and physical causal links and developments in the understanding of physical concepts and understanding of the law. This will not only consolidate deepened their knowledge, and improve the ability to summarize.
Six, prepare, adjust the learning attitude in learning physics in the first class, the teacher will tell the physics is difficult to learn, not heard from seniors before studying physics physics is hard to learn. So most of the students in physics studies are presented with some unusual ideas, mainly in the following aspects: (1) tension and fear. Physical difficult learn in they of heart in left has deep of branded, they fear Shang physical class, fear do physical job, fear teacher class questions, fear teacher of individual talk, fear do experiment, and fear hands-on, tried to avoided learning, timid of chord day tight with, cannot theory practice, cannot in practice in the using learn had of knowledge, over time, more fear more difficult learn, more difficult more fear learn. (2) "eat fat" mentality. Want to put up, but after a period of hard, still no big improvement, then "good" and "I'm not learning material" mental state. (3) the negative psychology. Baggy, carelessness, laziness is heavy, lack of initiative, in a reactive State, often in class "desertion" and looking "near the end", most of the teachers said, "does not. "
Of course, physics is hard to learn, but it is not good, as long as according to the physical characteristics of the subject to study, do as said earlier, focused on thinking about the physical process of understanding, not by rote, hands, often think, do not want to run into a problem, ask your classmates or teachers. In the study to identify suitable learning method, from the learn to fun, can develop their interest in learning physics. For example, a student in the diagram is made up of the Jingle: "four set points, directions, calibration, fixed length, two standard the standard arrow, standard values and units. "The development of modern society, played an invaluable role in physics, students should to invigorating to have any, internal motivation to learn physics well to serve the motherland, to realize their sense of responsibility and mission of building the motherland, so spontaneous, active and motivated to learn, we will be able to learn physics.

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