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New trends in vocational education employment

Vocational education refers to education access to certain occupations or labor required of professional knowledge, skills, and professional ethics education, aims at fostering applied talent and a certain educational level and professional knowledge and skills of workers.
  Compared with general education and adult education, vocational education focused on practical skills and practical work of students. Such as various vocational high schools, secondary technical schools, technical schools, vocational education and pre-employment training, reemployment training such as vocational training.
  Looking back on 2009 industry trend of vocational education development as of September 1, 1996 the People's Republic of China vocational education law has been for 13 years, showed a trend of development of the various education and training institutions. Review occupational training industry for the past more than 10 years of development, and China's rapid economic development are inextricably linked, the industry experienced a from scratch, from small to large, from the pragmatic to the specialization of "progressive" development process. 2009-national vocational training industry has experienced an unprecedented challenge, in the face of the "financial crisis" impact, "industry jobs decline", vocational education shows accumulated precipitation of the industry's workings, contrarian developments.
  Outlook 2010 cards poised for leap, 2009 is the last, coming new 2010 year, domestic and international economic situation is bound to move in a better direction. Expert analysis, flood of 2010 as the financial crisis recedes, major companies are also beginning to gradual recovery, and recovery after the company first choice is technical talents, prospect of high-level technical talents will be more broad.
  Experts point out that diploma-oriented circles a few years ago affected many people born in the 80 's of last century, however, with the development of society, employer's focus gradually changed. Relative to a degree, they pay more attention to the actual ability to work in the post. According to incomplete statistics, in 2009 under the impact of the financial crisis, fell 0.6% College students ' employment and vocational graduates. Thus, many college graduates have a number of vocational education and training institutions, pre-job training or retraining.
  Experts is expected to, 2010 face birth peak Hou of last a graduates, training institutions seems faced with students shortage of pressure, actually always, for training institutions for, employment pressure big precisely is a very good of opportunity, to face employment pressure, many university graduates are have go into vocational education institutions "melted down", for himself building blocks; while, many on-the-job personnel also to upgrade himself of capacity have select on-the-job training.
  Now, it has come out of the diploma-oriented circles, many employers in relation to diplomas, more focus on ability and adaptability to the post, with hired staff of high qualification and ability, through vocational training more than choose practical talents. Opportunities are equal for any industry, vocational education facing an unprecedented development opportunity in 2010, the industry is poised to meet once again le

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