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SEKIGUCHI: children double in case of interest in things, and a small pair is a pair of twin brothers, their 14-year old admitted to the University, Dr 19 years studying space, 22 national 863 project study.
One of the secrets of their success is their parents caught the "shine", for example, "two pairs" parents from two wire to get to the power outlet has electric start, noticed her interest in household appliances. Starting with interest, fostering children's ability to learn.
Mother usually acts for their children to be careful, once a child something special interest, encouragement and support in a timely manner, grasped the child interested in "bright spots" in accordance with their aptitude. To do so, maybe it will inspire children to a particular aspect of wisdom sparks lead children along their interest to succeed.
Mark II: when the children confused one day, little Qing feeling very dejected after coming home from school, kept in a draft paper written on the "understanding." MOM sees this, tell her own misunderstanding of what is happening with colleagues. And told her that "as long as a person living in a group all had been misunderstood or misunderstanding other people's business. First of all, I will make sure the things they do is correct, if it is correct, I will find a suitable time to communicate with each other; if I found out I was wrong, I'll get a chance to apologize to each other. "
When children are confused about something, MOM caught boy eager to learn experience in psychology, help children cleared in a timely manner, it would be the best strategy for education.
Point three: when the children when the children when the mood high, confidence be stronger than usual, MOM to grasp this juncture, on the basis of recognition and encouragement, give children new goals, a moment of enthusiasm into lasting power.
Of course, mothers also do not ignore the child caused by progress of complacency. In addition, when a child is doing a good deed, such as seat to the elderly, help students solve problems, care for the class, the mother must give children timely recognition and praise. Kids doing good is often unconscious, mother to be good at directing the unconscious to the conscious, gradually developing children good character.
Mark IV: when a child makes a mistake because breaking the vase of Lenin, mother had taught him to be an honest person; Washington cut down a cherry tree, Dad had taught him to be a responsible person ... ... Therefore, in the process of educating children, children make a mistake is not terrible, terrible is afraid to face his mistakes. When her mother will help children to parse errors, guide the children face the errors, and ultimately achieve the purpose of correcting errors.
Point five: hospitality, mother found that 8-year-olds was accept the gift without using polite, smiling to say: "Babe, you seem to forget what to say? "Babe obviously didn't realize what I should say, at this time, the mother said:" thank you for your gifts to the Babe, my babe thanks you! "
Baby listen to mother's words, aware of their rude, so I am sorry to say: "aunt babe thanks! "Then the mother signal, Babe said:" Auntie, your heat is not hot, I'm going to give you something to drink.
"Say and then to prepare, like a" young adult "look.
Mark VI: many mothers go to work busy eating meals the kids a good mark. As a result, time to eat, parents began to check grades, talk about their kids fault, often made the children face. Child psychologist pointed out that "table" education can cause psychological distress to children, parents and children divide deepens.
However, this does not mean unable to educate their children at the dinner table. In fact, a meal, MOM can teach children to recognize a recognized the delicacies on the table, tell children these dishes is what what was cooked, and let the children remember their names.

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