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Teach children to do "go with the flow"

In order to educate our children, I have too many books. When a child prematurely were sent to school, because of changes in lifestyle and environment, their love of parents and the family care care will decrease accordingly. At this time, he mentally and emotionally vulnerable and difficulties encountered. Most vulnerable to the impact of age is 5-8 years old. Child's best teacher is parents. When parents in the evaluation of children, their facial expressions, movements and gestures to speech reinforcement to leave children with even more impressive.
  Have a question, is the practical problem of child-rearing occur, see three-four lost children do? and then, our children are repeatedly made such a mistake, rubber or something are lost every day, even in the cold winter, left my coat at school and don't come back. So I decided to learn about, opened the book and found a solution is first analyzed the cause: for kids, forgetfulness is a negative way of seeking attention ... .... So what should you do? Like always habitually forget to do your homework kids, don't handle your child's homework reminders, but allowed himself to take on forgotten homework – punished by the teacher as well as his own shame. This is Japan an educational experts agree. His education policy is to let nature take its course, according to his theory, give the child some time to self shots, adapt, and children will stand up and keep the balance in your life. Maybe your child really should let nature take its course to grow, make mistakes, correct, again, again. And we can only play to the guiding and coordination role really to interfere in the results are not good.
  Interesting point, that is, less nagging, more benefit, in a nutshell, "actions speak louder than words." Links to the education of children, as well. We always limit their children to do bad things and stop them to make stupid efforts to do the simple things. The result however well-intended. "There are no bad kids, just bad education. "I think China has a little poor, deprived a lot of room for growth or growth wisdom of learning environment. As some children do not know is a shell of the eggs, but do not know the complexity of society when they grow up and live hard. Raising children is to what? Just to listen to us, please? We're gone, how would they? Ideal for our children what is it? Let nature take its course of children. It's true! For a child, as long as he is a good man, with a healthy body, a tough quality, has a progressive spirit, with a happy and simple mind, it is en

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