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Finding career direction does not work "handyman"

Sailing in the sea, if there is no direction and goals, what is bad for it. In the course of long careers, repeatedly changed careers without goals, lose the process of accumulation, will lose competitiveness. Based on your interests or abilities, find a life-long career, find out, using "convinced that Castle is not the relaxing" determined, often achieving some way short of the target.
  There is now a new term, called the work "handyman", not some of the people that worked in a company, instead of making a career change, replacing a variety of professional, only to find yourself in one of what line do not have the advantage of, doing things like "handyman". This working group is by no means a minority, they each switch can find many "real force" factor, of course, their own will and choice to create more.
  I think, if they really meet development "bottleneck" is really a hopeless career, determined to make a decision, perhaps a lucky thing. However, a lot of people "working sick level", even industry Outlook there has been, but I always felt no hope for the future, switched to new industries, but in the new work, started repeating mistakes of the original career. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable career, don't be a workplace "handyman", but rather to become indispensable to the workplace "permanent".
  The process of choosing a career is not blind, taking into account a variety of factors. First work should combined himself of professional, and interest and specialist, such in work in the is active active of motivated; second should consider market on talent of demand, will himself build became market shortage sex post by need of talent; again to select those in can foreseen of future not disappeared, and can continued and fast development of career; last, also to see is this copies career whether has unlimited development space, can help himself achieved material and capacity of constantly upgrade.
  In fact, consistent with our career there are a lot of factors, author familiar management software consultant, is definitely conducive to the long-term development of the career. Because management software consultant itself on belongs to information times of shortage type talent, and with enterprise information of speed increasingly fast, this class talent of needs is increments trend, only a UF group such of management software Servicers in future 3 years on need more than 5,000 over management software consultant; while, the career of development path is clear, from primary consultant → intermediate consultant → senior consultant, completed this a process just to 3-5 years, zhihou you can go experts route, also can became enterprise of CIO, You can start your own business, development had never encountered the "ceiling". In any event, is in the same area, the accumulation of experience and improve the comprehensive capability of self-reserve can be a competitive advantage.
  Except served as ERP implementation consultant (financial, and human resources, and supply chain, and technology schema), and ERP sale Qian consultant zhiwai, management software consultant by has of capacity and conditions also can served as ERP service support engineers, and ERP products technology support Manager, and Customer Manager, and project manager, and information application engineers, and operation maintenance personnel, and ERP technology support engineers, and ERP system engineers, and IT Advisory or planning, post duties. No matter which position you are professionals in the field of information.
  Through the systematic and professional learning, computer skills, business management, products, tools, and specific business processes, whether it be boring technology support, maintenance, or full of challenging management software consultant, can be chosen at random. Looking for direction and no longer do work "handyman" for future development and career dreams are better for it

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