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Differences between academic education and vocational education

After the University entrance exam, if you cannot be admitted to university entrance, if you want to go to College, you can choose one of the following ways to College: self-study exams, adult education, Online University, private University 1, self-study examination:
  Self-study examination is called "University without walls" and "lenient entry, stringent exit", flexible learning, and low fees, exams that are characteristic of self-study examination. But experts caution that because of self-study examination pass rate 18%-20%, self-taught way for those candidates who have determined success goals and learning perseverance, or often don't get the diploma will give, there are many examples of this.
  2, adult education:
  Adult college entrance examination of college entrance exams are similar to take exam entrance way, their subjects with students high school knowledge is interlinked. In General, the adult college entrance exam is harder than ordinary exam easier and not as no barriers to entry as self-study examination, study in various forms, is a loose form of talent. Students through the University entrance exam after completing College, undergraduate, will receive the corresponding higher education diploma recognized by the State. But after the entrance examination without formal University strictly, less learned knowledge and skills.
  3, the network University:
  Network characteristics of the University is, relies on the schools, the use of modern distance education mode, and low fees and flexible modes of learning. Professional is offered by computer technology application, management and other disciplines. Enrolled students must have good learning ability and self-control, in addition, the development of network universities later, most are not normalized, candidates need to choose carefully.
  4, study abroad study abroad, failed to have a formal university can be read, and you can choose the specialty, but 3-5 times the cost of study abroad is the family must have a certain economic strength can bear, the road to success can be said to be an expensive. Need to remind parents is: in addition to wanted to send their children to College, it is best to make sure children are not willing to go to the University, and looking for agents should be careful so as not to be deceived.
  5 private school, private University failed to provide the opportunity to receive education. "Lenient entry, stringent exit", a flexible mechanism, offering more professional. Most private colleges and universities in Hou students also to participate in self to got national admitted of degree, must can put control himself, insisted learning of talent can smooth through, but most students into University Hou often enjoy University life of more, freshman test had twice on no confidence, so will select gave up self, some directly dropped out looking for other way, addition most private university tuition, and accommodation fee and the life costs than high, on family of economic pressure had big.
  Before choosing a vocational education in China most parents because of their own experiences growing up there, "children must get a degree for success" concept, but as the last century began after the expansion of enrollment at the University, more and more university graduates, while the unemployment rate fell sharply, more and more college students looking for a job, was favored turning into days of "Coke". Even now, States have policies, recent college graduates unable to find suitable jobs, can return to minimum living guarantee of origin. And skilled talents demand more and more now on the other hand, many companies are in need of this kind of talent, have opened a high salary as a draw. It is learnt that at the fair a returned to graduate students to apply for being a Manager, companies only pay 2000 Yuan salary, and needs to be considered informed, while a technician job, site assessment, immediately hired, salary 30

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