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Educating children in the six errors

(A) excessive praise too much praise can bring children many bondage and burden, when does not live up to the expectations of parents, and is easy for children to have a sense of frustration, guilt. If parents praise their children "too smart", when exam results are not ideal, children will have a deep remorse and despair, heavy blow to self-esteem and self-confidence.
  Therefore, the parents in respect of a specific matter praise the child, such as "do you homework very well today! "
  (B) too many questions as eager to know more about children, many parents are usually the first kids kept asking, "today there's no question you? "" How was your math test? "" Play with who? ”…… Too many problems can only be offensive to the child and conflict, fall a "nerdy" reputation. Effective practice is to enter the world of children, more games, chat with them, in a casual, you will find children's many secrets.
  (C) the command "write! "" Turn off the TV! ”…… Too often commands easy to make kids "deaf", when the child often is indifferent to such a command,, parents should consider their credibility in the eyes of a child.
  (D) denied feeling like it was a lot of parents are very easy to make a mistake. When a child says "MOM, I'm afraid, inject pain", the parents often say: "baby, it's okay, not painful. "This will only make the child feel wronged and fear. A more sensible approach should be: "baby, I know, injections are painful, but after playing the needle can be good. "Aware of their own understanding, children feel better.
  (E) the wigged and ridiculed when exam results are not ideal, some parents yelled, "idiot! Wooden head! "This would cause serious harm to a child's self-esteem. Right thing to do is to share without critics.
  (Vi) does not set a good example when a child outside and fight, parents beat and scolded her attitude will make the child mind strong dissatisfaction, "Let me fight, you'd be hitting? "In the eyes of a child, parents have been publicized. Education should be a two-way pr

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