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Teaching children responsibility in schools OR parents?

Family is a child's first classroom, children grow up in many of the problems often associated with the lack of family education. Some children although material doting parents, but in emotional exchanges on the poor. What do our family education misunderstandings? There is any way to crack?
Can't eat tube tube tube "core" and "non-professional" parents "undocumented"
"Eat well, get dressed, the best schools", which were his godson, most parents approach to education. These parents believe that being a good parent, is to give their children the best material conditions.
Zhai Hongjuan, Hebei Normal University College of education teachers think this method of education is unfair, she said: "be sure of your educational status and responsibilities of parents, you are not only a child's nanny, also was the first teacher. "Therefore, she suggested that parents being in addition to nurturing children sound character.
As parents by training parents on this "job" on arrival, on parenting issues that most parents seem a bit "powerless". Some parents of young children are too coddled, mouth open, and clothing. Lin's son at a boarding school in junior high, home once a month. "Every day I'm worried about him, someone out there to eat and clothe? The difficulties he might run into yet? "To this end, Ms Lin to his son every day to make a phone call.
Some parents are children's bad habits can do. Ms Sun considers himself a failed mother, because as a teacher teacher education well even his own son. Although quit addiction agencies was mixed, but his poor son she had to rush this, cruel to put their son in a quit addiction agencies, through strengthening physical labor to crooked little tree "saplings" righting.
Also worrying that some parents are unable to communicate with their children. "Every child a lot, but the baby is indifferent to me. "Parents hard, the children are ungrateful:" ask sub-sub-all day, you are most concerned about, not your child. "Even helpless parents say:" who can help me educate our children? How much money can be. "
"Not for the" parents "attend" schools who make up the family short "look at the age of three and seven years old. Teens character and habits has important effects on children's growth, and in the process, the role of parents and irreplaceable. "Shijiazhuang 15 teacher Li says, the same teachers teach the students out in the character, communication, learning and other show a wide gap, the parents of manners and methods of education for their children has much to do, so parents should attach great importance to education. 15 in Shijiazhuang city Zhang Shouming, Director of the Education Department said: "parents as nursery school, school children in the story, parent and teacher communication, timely guidance according to their specific circumstances. "
"Some parents parenting philosophy behind, not scientific enough, but schools cannot replace parents. "According to Zhai Hongjuan teacher introduced, in order to solve the problem of the parents don't teach, there are currently various forms of schools for parents, specifically for parents to impart education knowledge.
Zhai Hongjuan said parents face-to-face, online schools parents school, radio, schools for parents, television, parents of four forms. Some parents also wrote a textbook, the province of parents ' school organizations in the preparation of the Handbook of family education is one of the more complete set.
On whether it was necessary to schools for parents, parent-school practical teaching effectiveness, current parents are most concerned about the issue. In this regard, Zhang Yanhui, parents school was such a figure of speech: "as sick as children get into bad habits, just found out that symptoms not to go to hospital for medical treatment, until the late really. "Participated in the parents of one of the parents told the author says:" children before I do, I'm not cursing him. After you finish listening to the teacher and the children communication skills, I tried to communicate with him a few times, we did not expect Ferguson was able to calmly talk. "According to the parents, parents to get authoritative guidance of education experts, listen to outstanding parents experience, can also join other parents to discuss methods of education, are targeted.
Adult education is also compulsory education? Parents ' school "caught live"
Different teaching methods, teaching materials targeted, can get the parents but isn't as optimistic as expected. According to parents ' school introduced Zhang Yanhui, the province has 10 million primary and middle school students ' parents, but the parents school only about 1%.
In accordance with the relevant files, parents are "organizations to improve the quality of parents and family education level of adult education institutions, by the administrative departments of education, organised in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, School Board responsible for management of schools for parents". Are adult education institutions, are derived from compulsory public school, destined to parents pulled all of the relationship between adult education and compulsory education. Unidentified, parents of a "birth" presaged the dilemma.
"Based on free compulsory education policy, if defined as compulsory in nature, so parents must not charge a penny. In practice, however, parents of students parents are adults and should be treated in accordance with adult education policies. "Although according to relevant regulations," parents of school funding, in addition to the organizers and authorities outside the allocated, but not for profit-making purposes, charge a small amount of funding schools while raising social funds ", but current funding pressure their parents to school operations to make ends meet. According to the schools for parents in charge, parents ' school of radio and television in part by provincial funding charities committed to charitable funds is currently not in place. In order to maintain operations, the school charged 50 Yuan every year to each parent, include a textbook, a year of weekly family news, an online classroom Internet access and one year 8 class card. However is quite the 50 Yuan, generated a lot of controversies. Individual parents complained: "educating children is the responsibility of the school, poor education is the teacher's question, how can I pay for? "
Professional teacher shortage facing the family of one of the bottlenecks. Parents ' school official said, family education majors are not set in the various colleges and universities, education training of personnel for educational psychology or education background, family education qualification at home, there is no uniform standard.

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